As we kick off the new school year we are excited about all the enrichment opportunities planned for our students! Already this summer, your PTA board and chairs have been making plans for the upcoming school year! Please remember, it is only with YOUR support that PTA can continue to provide our students with this amazing elementary school experience. We can never have too many volunteers, so don’t hesitate to jump in and see how fun it can be to make new friends and make a difference at our school! Every person’s time, energy and ideas are always welcome! Below is information on our First Day of School Packets and Programs……

Scroll down for the First Day Packet form.

1. GO GREEN!!! Complete the First Day Packet online, pay by credit card, and return the completed Tally Sheet
2. Print, complete and return applicable forms with ONE check made payable to: Running Springs PTA. (Please write your child’s name and teacher’s name on your check.)

Here is a list of all PTA forms that can be completed online:

PTA Items Available for Purchase:
PTA Membership
Birthday Book Club
Emergency Preparedness

PTA Paperwork:
Room Parent
Volunteer Opportunities
PTA Parent/Student Waiver
Tally Sheet/Order Summary

Run-A-Thon Fundraiser:
We will be holding our PTA’s BIGGEST fundraiser for the year, the 8th Annual Run-A-Thon, which will fund our entire PTA budget, on September 22nd. Please note that September 8th is the T-Shirt deadline for all donors/companies that donate $100 or more and want to be listed on the back of the T-Shirt. Please refer to the Run-A-Thon form found online or that will be sent home for more information. (The school district has recently seeded the field. Because of this, we will be having a Dance-A-Thon in the MPR this year.)

PTA Membership:
As our theme states, “Hit a Home Run with PTA”, don’t miss out on this team effort and join! PTA keeps you informed and involved and allows you to partner with teachers, administrators and other parents in one of the most important parts of our children’s lives—their education. By joining PTA, you also allow us to email you our monthly newsletter, which is full of everything going on at school that involves the PTA including: Grade Level Assemblies, Picture Days, Family Fun Nights, Talent Show, etc. Don’t be left sitting on the bench!! JOIN PTA now!

We will also kick off the school year with a Meet & Greet on the first day of school. Join us in the MPR August 23rd at 8:15am…EVERYONE IS WELCOME and ENCOURAGED TO STOP BY!! Have a cup of coffee and a pastry! Regular PTA meetings are held the second Thursday of the month (there is no meeting in September) at 8:15am in the multipurpose room. Please join us for our first meeting on Thursday, August 24th.

Keep informed with our PTA newsletter and by visiting, follow us on Facebook at, Twitter @runningspgspta, and on Instagram @runningspringspta.

I look forward to a great year!

Jenn Loving
PTA President

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