Running Springs Third Grade Bike Rodeo

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

The Running Springs Bike Rodeo is here!! This fun event combines classroom instruction with outside hands-on activities to prepare third grade students for bicycle safety.

Prior to the event, each classroom will be shown an instructional video explaining bike and road safety. Once the video is completed, the teachers will review the material and give a short safety quiz.

On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024, all students who have returned their permission slip, brought a bike, and helmet to school will be able to participate in the outdoor activities.

We will begin our event with a visit from a City of Anaheim Police Motor Officer. He will talk to the children about the importance of bike safety. Then we will move on to a bike inspection making sure all bikes are safe to ride. After the inspection, students will ride their bike through an obstacle course where they will have the opportunity to show their knowledge of bike safety and the ability to follow the rules of the road. Each student will receive a bicycle license and be able to ride their bike to school.

On the day of the Bike Rodeo all 3rd graders MUST bring the following to school:
· Their own bike ready for inspection
· Their own helmet
· NO training wheels, scooters, or razors allowed

*** Children MUST have a bike and helmet to be able to participate in the event. ***

On the morning of the event, the gate behind the multi-purpose room will be open at 7:20AM for bike drop off. There will be parent volunteers to assist with the drop off and locking of the bikes, if needed.
The permission slip is required and must be returned NO LATER than Friday, March 22nd.

If you’re an approved volunteer and would like to help with the Bike Rodeo, sign up here.

Bike Rodeo Permission Slip (coming soon)
Bike Rodeo Information Flyer (coming soon)