Here are some basic rules for drop off and pick up line etiquette. If we all work together and observe these rules, the drop off and pick up lines will run smoothly and efficiently.

Drop Off Line Etiquette:

1. Please teach your child to open and close the doors to your car. Also teach them to unbuckle, jump out, and shut the door quickly. Quick drop offs are the way to keep the line moving!

2. If possible, buckle your child in the back seat on the passenger side of the car. Sitting on the passenger side will allow them to leave the car quickly and safely.

3. Make sure your child’s backpack is completely packed and ready to go. They should have their backpack with them and in hand so they can jump out as soon as you pull up. Please don’t put their backpack in the trunk.

4. Give your kiddo their good-bye kisses and hugs before you leave the house. Hugs and kisses in the drop off line hold up the line for everyone behind you.

5. Don’t get out of the car!

6. Pull all the way up.

7. Please don’t park in the bus zone.

If you prefer to have your child’s backpack in the trunk, would like to hug and kiss them at school, or if they still need help with the door and/or seat belts, please park your car and walk your child to the gate. Please do not park in teacher-designated parking spots.

Pick Up Line Etiquette:

1. Pull all the way up! Please do not stop in front of the gate where your child is dismissed. If there is room in front of you, pull forward.

2. Don’t get out of the car.

3. Teach your child to buckle themselves so you don’t have to get out of the car to do it.

4. If your child is slow to leave the classroom and you’re at the front of the line, please don’t make everyone behind you wait. Pull forward and go through the pick up loop again.

5. If you have children that must be picked up in separate lots (lower and upper), please pull out of the lower grade lot and pull back into the upper grade lot. Do not drive straight through. This will cause back-up in both lines and the crosswalk.

Parking and walking to the gate to get your child is also an option.

If we all work together, drop off and pick up can be easy and pleasant!