Know Your States is happening this year on February 7, 14, and 21, 2023!

Any and all students are welcome to join in this enriching experience of knowing our country. It’s a required test for all fifth graders, and it is a wonderful opportunity for all other Redhawks to become well prepared while having fun with a variety of learning tools and games on how to learn where our states and capitals are in America. Redhawks in all grades are invited to participate! Once your Redhawk scores 100% on the states test, they’ll qualify to take the capitals test. Each student who passes the states test with a perfect score will receive a certificate. Students who pass the capitals test with a perfect score will receive a medal.

This year we’re going paperless and have moved the test online. Students will be taking their test on their computers in the MPR. Please make sure your student has a CHARGED DEVICE on test day. They will need to take it with them at their designated test time. If they don’t have a charged device, they will not be able to take the test.

Good luck and happy studying!

Study Aids:

Know Your States Resources and Helpful Hints
State Capitals Study Aid
Fifty Nifty United States on YouTube
Fifty States and Capitals Song on YouTube
Wakko’s 50 State Capitals on YouTube
Tour The States Music Video
Online Practice Test: Sheppard Software
Online Practice Test: Lizard Point

Practice Tests:

Blank Map
Map With Numbers
States Test K-3
States Test 4-6
Capitals Test K-3
Capitals Test 4-6

Helpful Hints:

➢ If you remember New Mexico is next to Mexico, it will help you find it
Florida bams Alabama but misses Mississippi
Pennsylvania put on his New Jersey (Looks like a jersey is squeezed on his right side)
Vermont is shaped like a “V”
Louisiana looks like an “L” and starts with “L” which will remind you of Louisiana
You can remember Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa by saying they are the 3-in-a-row “I” states
The 4 sisters: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina all sit on top of their mama, Georgia
Kentucky looks just like a “Kentucky Fried Chicken” leg
Michigan looks like a mitten
Colorado looks like a box stacked up with Utah and Wyoming…”Why?” Maybe Montana, the big boss above them, can tell you
Minnesota looks like an “M” if you turn it on its side
Does Idaho kind of look like an “I”?

Good luck!