If you’re a Ralphs shopper, please consider signing up for Ralphs Community Contributions! Signing up is free and a percentage of each purchase you make at Ralphs will be given to Running Springs PTA! It’s easy to sign up. Here’s how to do it:

Go to Ralphs.com.
Sign in. (If you don’t have a Ralphs Rewards card, you can get one at the store.)
Go to Account then My Account.
Scroll down to Community Contributions and click on View Community Contributions.
Click on Change Organization.
Search for Running Springs Elementary PTA or ST472 (our organization number).
When you find us, click Enroll.

Please note: you’ll have to enroll your card each year in September.

Friends and family can sign up too, so please share this with everyone you know!

Every dollar earned through this program will go directly to the school and the students. Thank you for your support!